Red Arrows fighter jet made an emergency landing with broken canopy due to bird strike during a display flight

A Red Arrows plane was forced to make an emergency landing on Sunday after it collided with a bird during a display flight, shattering the windscreen.

The cracked cockpit canopy can clearly be seen in pictures of the plane, taken as it comes into land at Hawarden airport in Wales.

The pilot had been flying the plane at the Rhyl Air Show at the weekend but was forced to cut the display a few minutes short. Dramatic photos show a huge hole in the windscreen above the pilot’s head as the plane lands.

Red 6 peeled away from the display team and headed back to Hawarden under an “emergency 7700 squawk transponder code” – meaning an emergency.

David Montenegro, the officer commanding the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, said: “Steve (Ogston), the pilot of Red 6, is a bit shaken but well.

“His immediate actions – delivered calmly and correctly with the support of his colleagues – ensured a safe outcome.”

The seven red Hawk T1 jets had left the airport at 4.30pm for their second performance of the weekend. The team were due to arrive back at 5.10pm, but just after 4.45pm Red 6 squawked the emergency transponder code.

The fire service at Hawarden airport was on hand to assist as the plane landed.

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