Polish MoD Designates Airbases That Will Host The New F-35A And FA-50 Aircraft

Image credit: LM

Locations have been chosen to host the newly procured aircraft of the Polish Air Force.

According to what the head of the Polish MoD posted via his Twitter channel, it is now clear where the newly acquired aircraft of the Polish Air Force will be stationed. The information has been released on the Polish National Aviation Day.

The Minister stated that the newly procured FA-50 advanced fighter trainers will be stationed at Minsk Mazowiecki (ICAO code: EPMM) – currently serving as a base for the upgraded Polish MiG-29 Fulcrums. Dealign with the F-35 jets Poland procured some time ago, these will be stationed at two bases – Łask (EPLK, currently hosting the F-16s), and Świdwin (EPSN, currently hosting the Polish Su-22 Fitters). Minister Błaszczak also suggests that the first FA-50 jets are expected to be delivered as early as next year. Let us recall that Błaszczak, in his recent interview in Defence24, stated that the combat variant of the T-50 would replace the post-Soviet fleet of aircraft operated by Poland.

Meanwhile, contrary to numerous rumors suggesting that Poland got rid of its MiG-29 jets, it seems that these aircraft are still alive and kicking. Yesterday (Aug. 25.) NATO Aircom published imagery of joint training with the Italian Typhoons, also depicting the Polish Fulcrums.

The photograph released by NATO depicts one of the upgraded Polish MiG-29s in the characteristic light-gray color scheme. However, the problems with spares stockpile and supply, in the wake of sanctions imposed on the manufacturer country – Russia – make it impossible to predict how long this status quo can be maintained. Noteworthy, the Bulgarians have been officially reporting on issues in engine maintenance. It could be extrapolated that these matters concern all of the NATO Fulcrum user group.

For the record: the Italian Typhoons deployed to the Polish Malbork AB (EPMB) in early August to safeguard the NATO airspace in the Baltic region. The jets belong to the 4th, 36th, 37th, and 51st Wings of the Italian Air Force.

Noteworthy, it is yet another involvement of the Malbork AB in the enhanced NATO Air Policing scheme in the Baltics. As of 2014 and 2015, the base was hosting NATO assets in response to the Russian Invasion of Crimea. Portuguesa and Turkish F-16s had used the EPMB facilities before.

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